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How the TCHC Came About

Posted by [email protected] on October 21, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (2)


 Once upon a time, there was a new site on the internet just for crossbows. It only had 32 members when I signed up. No one talked or posted but you could see people online. So I started asking questions to see if we could get people talking. It worked and a few other people joined the forum. It was a passion of mine to see crossbow hunting gain at least a following, so to help the site, I decided to host a group hunt at our hunting lease in deep south Texas, the Falfurrias lease. The rules were you had to have at least X amount of posts to be invited.

 So the folks who showed up were: SPECIALIZED, The owner of that site Urban Legend, and two of his friends from Ohio, then Cajun Sam and another crazy Cajun named KennisonDan. Guide Butch And Guide Girl were the hosts, and Princess helped with the cooking and such. We hunted a few nights but were skunked, so we had another lease that started that Sunday that was in deep south Texas and happened to be on the way home for the Ohio guys. It was the Karnes City lease so we packed up the travel trailer and we all headed there except SPECIALIZED who went on to visit some friends. But what came from that meeting is that's how Urban Legend and SPECIALIZED met up and SPEC was asked to be the Moderator at CrossbowNation.

Well we had a great adventure you could say at the Karnes lease that night. Urban Legend and his cameraman were filming for a show, and he shot a Javelina. We got a texted from KennisonDan he had also shot a Javelina before dark so we told him to sit tight and wait for a hog. After dark, we went on to Urban Legends blind and tracked his Javelina and backed out so they could film thier "tracking adventure". That hunt is posted on YOUTUBE on his page. We left them and grabbed Cajun Sam to go with us to track DanKennisons BEAR- Yes, I said Bear.

 Butch and I were sitting at the front of the property when we got another text from Dan just after dark, stating he had a 400 pound bear under the feeder and it was standing on its hind legs and what to do? I'm scared! Butch texted back Coon? He replied ' NO. BEAR!" So, knowing there were no bear in that part of Texas for at least 100 years, and knowing the feeder lite makes everything look much bigger, we giggled a little and Butch text back well Shoot it! A few minutes later, he texted again " Its still moving! What to do? What to do?" Well, Butch texted back again, Shoot it again and stay in the blind! We will be right there!

 We got to the stand with Cajun Sam, and I grabbed the video camera to film what I knew would be hilarious for us, and not for Dan so much. Butch and Sam rigged up for tracking, rigging lights and applying snake gear, so I walked to the blind and the door was open and I saw Dan at the feeder with a look of... well, embarrassment on his face as he realized, it was indeed a coon, but not even a full grown coon. This is how the term BEARCOON started. I tried my best to smooth it over since the camera was running, and I said well its more tender that way if you're gonna make boudan. Well, that soothing statement lasted about 3 seconds when Sam and Butch walked up and Butch started laughing REALLY, Really hard. Poor Dan lost hope of skipping his embarrassment and Sam topped it off with a few statements to rub it in. It was done, no hiding from it.

 We now go to track the Javelina he shot and found it was gut shot. There is still sign to trail by, just not blood, so we head to the thick whitebrush and no trees where the tracks of the wounded Javelina and his pod retreated into the thick at now, well after dark. It was so dry and dusty, it wasnt an easy job. The trail forked and Butch and Dan headed on the main trail following tracks, while I went to the left with Cajun Sam behind me. I had no idea of who was behind me being so intense on the trail at that point. I came up on a very alive wounded Javelina under some mesquite brush and I pulled my .44 all the while asking Dan very quietly (thinking he was who was standing behind me) if he wanted to keep the skull. I was turning the chambers to pass the snake shot and get to a hollow point when Butch realized what was happening and yelled " SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!" Well that spooked the Jav and it charged! It was only about 7 yards in front of me, so I closed the cylinder faster than planned and I shot! I shot over! It was Fast! The Javelina comes straight at me and there was no place to go. I was wearing snake boots so I picked up my right leg and he bounced off the left snake boot, went between my legs, and found Sam behind me. I spun around, pistol in hand, but the Javelina and Sam were doing this dance and there was no way to shoot. I watched as Sam did the high step with a Javelina running circles around his feet. I'm Helpless!

 The Javelina left Sam and his high stepping and ran straight to Butch. Butch was carrying a "coach" gun and when the Javelina got beside him, he shot it with Buck shot at about 10 inches and dropped it. Everything got still and quiet. I looked up and saw Dan with the look of great fear in his face and a .45 in hand. I looked at Sam and he had a look of terror as well. This was the very first adventure for both Cajuns, hunting at night and Dans first hunt with a crossbow. I dont know that Sam had much experience yet at that time either.

 Well, you could say, We had a BONDING experience together in the brush that night. We became good friends and kept in touch, hunting together again a few times. The video is on YOUTUBE and called the CrossbowNation hunt. I beleive its on the Hoghunterdiva page. That was back in 2008 or 2009.

The rest of the story is coming up, so stay tuned or help tell the tales of how we the TCHC came to be. This concludes PART 1 of the GUIDE GIRLS VERSION of how the club started.

The next phase for TCHC

Posted by [email protected] on August 18, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (4)


 Well we have been together for about 5 years or so now, and in the beginning, we needed a place to keep in touch on the internet so member WOLFE set us up with a SPRUZ site. Shortly afterwards, WOLFE moved up in the company he works for and moved to a different area of Texas and got so busy with his new job, that he didnt have time to play any longer. Thats a good thing for him, professionally speaking, but a bad thing for us as we lost his company in the field and as the owner of the SPRUZ site, we lost our gathering place. SPRUZ will not recognize anyone who doesnt own thier site, so that left us with a site that didnt work and we didnt have the capability to contact them, even to make the annual payment. I emailed and I called but never got a response for two years. TWO YEARS!

 So the GOOD that came from this, is now we have a new place on the internet to gather and share. I built this site for us to the best of my capability so we could continue what we love to do- Share!

So welcome to the Next phase of our club events online. I hope you enjoy this place a whole lot more than we did the last place.

WELCOME my fellow friends and family.